In this series of testimonial videos, we explore the uses of CEM assessments and data with schools worldwide. We chat with education professionals about the CEM assessments and the impact they have had on their schools and students.

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Video by Fraser Halliwell

Let’s talk about CEM IBE

Fraser Halliwell chats to us about how CEM IBE forms the basis of learning conversations about potential at Colegio Anglo Colombiano. CEM IBE helps them support their students to achieve high expectations, and to monitor their progress along the way.

Video by Sue Holt

Let’s talk about CEM data

We chat with Sue Holt, Vice Principal of New Cairo British International School about how CEM data helps support staff, students and school improvement.

Video by Mark Steed

Let's talk about MiDYIS

We chat with Mark Steed, Director of JESS in Dubai about how MidYIS has helped improve their GCSE results.

Video by Karen Taylor

Let’s talk about CEM Data

We chat with Dr Karen Taylor, Director of Education and the Institute of Teaching and Learning, at the International School of Geneva, about how using CEM assessments across the whole school has had a tangible impact in the classroom.

Video by David Pontich

Let's talk about InCAS

David Pontich, Principal of Nord Anglia International School Al Khor in Qatar, explains how CEM assessments have transformed the way they measure pupil progress.

Video by Bradley Roberts

Let’s talk about MidYIS

Bradley Roberts, Principal of St Joseph’s International High School in Singapore, explains how they use MidYIS to understand student ability, to challenge misconceptions and to raise expectations for all.

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