Early years, primary and secondary monitoring systems

Our online assessments are designed to be delivered either through your web browser, when you have a stable internet connection, or using a standalone downloadable offline or dual-mode application, if your internet connection is low-speed or less reliable.

The online assessments are delivered using HTML5, which is supported by most modern web browsers. These browsers can be run on a desktop or laptop PC and Apple computers running Windows, Linux or MacOS operating systems. We currently do not support running your assessments on tablets or other similar mobile devices.

It is important that you have the latest stable version of your chosen browser installed on your computers. A list of the web browsers we recommend is shown in the table below:

Operating system



Not supported




Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 10 or below
Any other browser





Any other browser

Currently offline/dual-mode application does not support MacOS Catalina




Any other browser

Currently offline/dual-mode application is not available for Linux

Recommended assessment appears and works in its optimum state
Supported assessment can be completed and results files returned to CEM but visual and audio quality of assessment may be affected
Not supported assessment should NOT be attempted on these browser/computer set-ups as assessment results may not be accurate or results may be lost

We advise that you carry out a test run of your assessment on your particular computer and web browser set-up before assessing your pupils.

Firewall setup

In order to allow assessment data to pass securely from your school to CEM you will need to ensure that our web addresses are allowed (whitelisted) by any network firewall you have in place. The manager of your computer network should be able to help with this. The following websites will need to be included:

Other requirements

You will require a sound-enabled computer to run our early years and primary assessments, and for our InCAS product we recommend a pair of headphones for each set-up.

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