Our Alis assessment helps you understand the support your students need as they work towards A Level

Quick Look

Age: 16-18 years
Sections: Vocabulary, Mathematics, Non-verbal ability
Average Duration: 50 minutes
Format: Digital (web based or download), Adaptive
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Find out what your students know and can do as they prepare for A Level exams

Understand the progress your students are making and see the impact your teaching is having

Set realistic targets and develop learning plans for students, classes and subjects

What is Alis?

Alis is an adaptive baseline assessment for students aged 16 to 18, that provides information to help identify students’ strengths and weaknesses and see how they are likely to perform at A Level. Alis value-added data helps to understand the progress students are making and shows the impact your teaching is having.

How it works

Alis assesses three key areas which research shows are linked to later academic outcomes:

  • Vocabulary – word fluency and understanding
  • Mathematics – logical thinking, manipulating numbers and numerical concepts
  • Non-verbal ability – ability to recognise shapes, match patterns, apply spatial awareness and visual intuition

As the assessment is adaptive, each student sees a unique assessment and is challenged at a level that is suitable for them, making it enjoyable, engaging, and efficient.

Flexible and efficient: choose when to assess

The Alis baseline assessment is typically carried out at the start of the school year and takes approximately 50 minutes, fitting into a standard lesson.

Each student completes the assessment independently, working at a computer meaning it can be carried out with as many students you can cater for in one sitting.

Easy to set-up and run

Every school has their own secure account where they can access the assessment and results. The assessment can be completed online using the secure web shortcut, or downloaded to the local network or computer. We provide step by step guidance to help you set-up and run the Alis assessment.

Results are available to download from the secure website within 48 hours, and there is no need for teacher marking or manual data entry.

Powerful information you can act upon

Alis can help you recognise student and cohort strengths and weaknesses, and identify gifted students or those in need of extra support. Reports include:

  • Nationally standardised scores – comparing student performance to national and independent school averages.
  • Individual Student Record sheets – providing a visual breakdown of students’ relative strengths and weaknesses, helping you quickly pin point where each student may need extra support.
  • Predictions for AS and A Level by subject helping you set realistic and motivational targets for each student. The Alis chances graphs show likely future attainment and can help you develop individual learning and support plans.
  • Value-added evidence for students and subjects – value-added reports from Alis provide evidence to help you see the impact your work has in the classroom, showing the progress your students make to A Level.

Talking about Alis

The adaptive tests are very time efficient in the way they are designed.

Rob Millar, Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok, Thailand

Value-added on results day was excellent this year. It was very handy to receive the feedback so quickly as it allowed me to have value-added conversations with staff and governors right away.

John Maguire, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School

How do other schools use Alis?

Understand the level each student is working at

Many of our students join us at the start of Year 12, and Alis helps us quickly establish the level each student is working at. Having this baseline information available immediately at the start of the academic year helps us decide what resources we need to put in place.

Set realistic and motivational targets

The information we get from Alis has been really important, especially during the recent period of reform for A Levels, which some students have found unsettling. The data we get from Alis helps us to work with students to set targets that are attainable and motivational.

See what’s working and get a head start with planning

With value-added data from Alis now available on A Level results day we are able to have really valuable discussions with staff before term starts. It really helps with self-evaluation and sharing best practice between departments – we can see what has, and hasn’t worked so well.

Track progress and plan support

Alis Chances Graphs help us see how likely it is that students will get certain grades at A Level. This information is especially important, as it helps us to have really positive conversations with our students about how we can support and motivate them as they prepare for their exams.

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What’s unique about CEM assessments?
All our assessments are adaptive. The sequence of questions is tailored to each child, moving them on when they get questions wrong, and showing more challenging questions when they answer correctly. This means the assessment each child sees is neither too difficult or too easy, making it enjoyable, engaging, and efficient.

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